THE GREEK CUISINE The one who does not know the Greek cuisine, will have to get used to it. The one who knows it already, always likes to come back for it. Lucullus got famous with his Greek receipts. For most Central Europeans it is very unusual, that the dishes are not served very hot - Greeks cook the whole morning and keep the food warm until the evening. Also the big amounts of garlic and olive oil, which are used in the Greek kitchens, do effect some Central European's stomachs. But generally one gets used very quick to it and as well those two products are very healthy. Customarily quite good, but also expensive, are the various fish dishes.

ΤΑΒΕΡΝΑ (Taverna): a simple restaurant, where you get to your wine, raki or ouzo appetizers like cheese, olives, salads or sea food. In most of the tavernas you can choose your main dishes from the show-case.

ΨΙΤΟΠΟΛΙΟ (Psitopolio): "Fast Food"-restaurant in the Greek style. Here you find Gyros-Pita, Souvlaki and chicken from the charcoal. Every dish is also meant to take away.

ΕΣΤΑΤΟΡΙΟ (Restaurant): here you will find a big variety of dishes.

ΨΑΡΟΤΑΒΕΡΝΑ (Psarotaverna): This is a fish restaurant. If there is no menu, the fresh fish of today will be offered to you. Nowadays every restaurant has to mark, which dish is frozen and which is fresh, so you can be sure to get real fresh fish.

ΟΥΖΕΡΙ (Ouzeri): In this kind of snack-bar you get together with your alcoholic drinks - mostly ouzo - small appetizers (Mezedes)

Tsatsiki: yogurt with cucumbers and garlic
Melintsanosalata: aubergine salad
Taramosalata: fish egg salad
Feta: sheep or goat cheese
Ellies: olives
Angurosalata: cucumber salad
Tomatosalata: tomato salad
Horiatiki Salata: farmer's salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, olives, sheep cheese)
Moussaka: aubergines with minced meat and potatoes with cheese sauce from the oven
Paputsakia: stuffed aubergines
Yemistes: stuffed tomatoes and/or peppers

stuffed vine leafs

Keftedes: meat balls
Stifado: beef with onions and cinnamon
Pastitsio: pasta with minced meat and béchamel
Souvlaki: pieces of meat on a little wooden spit
Kokoretsi: innards from the charcoal
Brisola: pork chop
Kotopolo: chicken
Marides: small fishes
Glossa: sole
Tonos: tuna
Barbuni: red mullet
Astakos lobster
Kalamaria: squid
Oktapodia: grilled or as salad served octopus

frischer Fisch und Meeresfrüchte

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